• > What we do

    We reinvent and enhance the value of market research

    In particular,

    • Consumer understanding and targeting –> Beyond Motivational Compass (BMC™) a motivational segmentation, completely integrated across qualitative and quantitative, to offer a validated compass to navigate and build new / stronger brands, manage the portfolio, identify innovation opportunities

    • Brand (re-)building, positioning –> Brand Kite™, a multi-dimensional analysis to validate the value and the equity of the brand both on the content level (how able to meet functional, emotional, socio-cultural needs), and on the expression level (what codes and multi-sensorial assets shape the brand’s personality and identity)

    • Communication –> the new media and new fruition ways call for a more targeted and more in-depth diagnostic comprehension of the communication message; CommunicationTest2 is a quantitative assessment of the communication, hugely enhanced (“squared”) by the validated understanding of the semiotics communication ability of the message (semiotics is not only an integrated desk analysis, but relevant items are statistically validated)

    • Shaping the future –> our funnel Beyond Idea Gardening (BIG™) supports our clients not only to test but also to create new ideas, with our creativity facilitation and trends expertise (via Company Trend Walk and via targeted desk analysis, e.g. the evolution of femininity; needs and codes of Generation Y; Made in Italy drivers; the new comics…)

  • > What we do

    We go beyond the standard survey thanks to

    Integrated tools: in each survey we use «custom-made» approach that whenever possible and relevant:

    • fully combines qualitative and quantitative

    • involves different touchpoints (on line & off line, product test with store experience…)

    • uses desk and fieldwork tools, with connection to broader scenario analysis

    • Integrates most advanced technologies (gamification, eye track, neuroscience, mobile)

    Engaging interviewing: in qualitative (where we keep reinventing techniques to get a non-rational and authentic response) and in quantitative, where the gamification of the questionnaire improves respondents’ engagement and the quality of their answers.

    Engaging output: beyond the standard ppt, multi-media and interactive presentations (multisensorial boards, true 3D «rooms» that represent the different targets/consumption occasions, video-report) often transformed into “presentation workshop”, to go together beyond the data and into the relevant marketing implications.

  • > Reinventing Qualitative


    Our key mission: “Beyond the focus group”.

    – Nurture the standard group session with gamification, new in-depth techniques and nowadays multi-mediality to create greater interaction with consumers and hence bigger, broader, and deeper value of the insights. Our interviews and group sessions have nothing “classic”: playful and cozy boudoirs; walls where you can draw, digital environment in constant connection with people’s touchpoints to bring to life the unconscious of the category and the less granted insights

    – We not only test but also help our clients to create stimulus material: (again not just concepts but also multi-media and multi-sensorial material). Even the focus room becomes a “moodroom”: a multi-media expression of the brand / of the category, where we can navigate with the consumer to fully capture all possible values and codes

  • > Reinventing Qualitative


    – In-depths in hall or in home.
    – Paired interviews/ Triads
    – Mini-groups (4 people) – group sessions (6 /8 people)
    – Ethnography in home / in store
    – Intercept interviews
    – Accompanied shopping
    – On line chat – focus group
    – Forums / bulletin boards (from 15 to 100 people; from 3 days to a few months)
    – Blog – online diary (with mobile support); self-reported video diaries
    – Qualitative buzz analysis / netnography
    – Eye tracking and neuroscience
    – Usability test

  • > Reinventing Qualitative

    – Digital qualitative has been one of our strengths since the beginning: not just an alternative to F2F, it has indeed been an opportunity to create new ways to engage the target.

  • > Reinventing Quantitative


    Our key mission: “Beyond the numbers”.

    – Deepen and broaden what’s hidden «beyond the quantitative indicators»

    • gamifying the questionnaire, to increase engagement and hence quality of response

    • applying the most advanced multivaried analyses to disclose the less evident and rational mental structures

    • enriching data with different viewpoints (qualitative analyses, semiotics, trends, weblistening, eye track…)

    – Last but not least, facilitate the fruition of results with a clear and engaging storytelling

    • you’re never lost among thousands of numbers and pages, key results are highlighted

    • each key result has a clear interpretation, to fully understand the marketing implications

  • > Reinventing Quantitative


    – All quantitative methodologies: segmentation, brand positioning and brand equity, U&A, customer experience, concept test, product test, packaging test, price test ecc.

    – All data collection methods: CAWI, CAPI, CATI, CAMI enhanced by gamification

    – MROCs (Market Research Online Communities, short and long-lasting – from 3 months to more years)

  • > Reinventing Innovation


    Our key mission: “Beyond the brainstorming”.
    • To create the right balance
    – between creativity and rigor

    – between in-depth relevance and wide, cross-category inspiration

    – between rich ignition and concrete output

    • Because we know that the success of Innovation depends not only on the quality of the process and the ideas, but also – and greatly – on our ability to create alignment and commitment in all the stakeholders, with a continuous support of consultancy and partnership

  • > Reinventing Innovation


    BIG™ – Beyond Idea Gardening –is our modular path to innovation, because any idea is a seed to nurture and protect over time. A process made of clearly structured steps and of flexible application; where each step of the path is based on the right balance between creativity and discipline

    TARGET: the zero point to clarify the issue, to define the innovation boundaries and opportunities

    DISCOVER: exploring the relevant sources, to nurture idea relevance and innovation power

    INSPIRE: translate sources and info into innovation springboards

    CREATE: the true workshop with the client and partners to generate the Innovation output, boosted by the creativity of our Beyonders: creative consumers, selected and trained by Beyond, who remain consumers at heart but can bring useful disruptive input to fossilized market structure)

    FOCUS: to fine tune ideas / concepts with consumers’ input

    IMPLEMENT: to select and finally validate the ideas (from preliminary concept screening to the CPT)