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    Founded in Milan in 2012, Beyond Research Group offers market research and innovation / marketing consultancy, across all methodologies (including qualitative & quantitative off and on line).

    We are a young, fast growing agency: founded in Milan we have a Global Community of partner agencies who share our same “Beyond Philosophy” in almost all Countries around the world.
    «Beyond Philosophy» means being able to «go beyond»

    In our expertise: marketing, psychology and statistics further enhanced by additional and diverse backgrounds (economics, creativity, design, academic constant experience via teaching Marketing and also Semiotics at the Bocconi University in Milan)
    In our research tools: standard qualitative and quantitative surveys still have plenty of value, but we believe they get stronger when augmented and sharpened through the contamination with other sources of insight
    In the value for our clients: from the most tactical focus group to the most articulated quantitative segmentation, we work hard to create a big boost of relevant knowledge, well beyond what is unfortunately becoming expected from market research

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  • Rossana Dell’Isola

    > Who are we?

    Key people

    Rossana Dell’Isola

    Rossana Dell’Isola born as a Qualitative Account in Research International for big multinational companies, she has been Managing Director of Qualitative departments from 1999 to 2008. Over time she has developed a passion for Innovation (Global Director in Synovate from 2007 to 2012), for Quantitative research, for Motivational segmentation (Censydiam Director from 2008 to 2011), with a constant growth of managing skills (Commercial Director and part of the Leadership Team of Synovate Italy from 2009 to 2012). Rossana founded Beyond Research Group at the end of 2012.

  • Paola Germini

    > Who are we?

    Key people

    Paola Germini

    Paola Germini has worked in Quantitative research since 1991. She has developed her experience in some of the main Italian and multinational research agencies, achieving a varied experience across several categories and methodologies: from segmentation studies (Italian manager of Censydiam CCL and European coordinator), to brand equity and positioning studies, to all the methodologies of tactic research on the marketing mix components and on customer experience. A broad range of markets including FMCG, Media, Durables, Finance. At the beginning of 2013, Paola joined Rossana as Senior Partner and Head of the Quantitative Department.

  • Andrea Zannin

    > Who are we?

    Key people

    Andrea Zannin

    Andrea Zannin Degree in Communications and PhD in Semiotics. After some years as qualitative consultant cooperating with the most important Italian and international research agencies, in 2010 he joined Demoskopea as Head of Qualitative, responsible for Innovation and Account of key clients in the FMCG and Media. He is involved in research and teaching activities at the Bocconi University of Milan where he is currently in charge of academic classes of Marketing and of Semiotics. In April 2013, he joined Paola and Rossana as Head of Qualitative department and Partner.