• A «beyond research» comes from being able to broaden the view

    A “beyond research” delivers success and efficacy thanks to a constantly “augmented perspective”

    In the perception of the «consumer»: resonant and long lasting insights have started going well beyond the category and exploiting the rich and multi-media experience and context of the human beings

    In the integration of diverse expertise: well beyond the specific competence required by the methodology …because qualitative insights are weak if they cannot stand to the following statistic validation, because you cannot carry out a useful Customer Satisfaction if you are not equally expert in Brand Equity …

    In the relationship with our clients: your challenges are our challenges, well beyond the supplier role focused only on the single project, passionately hunting for the most useful «so what»

  • A «beyond research» comes from being able to broaden the view

    Last but not least also in our output. Even in the most tactical surveys we frame results within a broader perspective, always offering to our clients a useful compass to navigate the market..

    Somebody once said: “the map is not the landscape”. Reality is always more complex than any map. This is certainly true.

    But it’s equally true that in our nowadays overcrowded and confused world we do need a compass.

    In all our surveys and jobs:

    • we get profound orienteering from the map of insights and vocabulary of the relevant people

    • framing all results – regardless of the methodology – in a clear map able to give the north and south of all marketing implementations